The machines that I use are from various parts of the world. I actively search for the best equipment available as it becomes available. Most of the machines that I use come from Europe. Germany, Sweden, and Greece are the countries I primarily ¬†choose to order my tattooing machines from, and only after they have been tested and used by artists far better than myself for more than a year. So I know they are reliable, efficient, and worth the time and cost to obtain them. These machine are mostly rotary “style” machines, to just call them a rotary is not quite deserving of the technology put behind these machines. They are almost silent when in use, and typically most clients find them to be less painful as well. These are also about 2 times faster than a standard “coil” machine. With the nature of these machines, they also cause much less to no vibration when using them. This results in clean lines, and accurate procedure. While using these for coloring, they are highly adjustable to blend colors beautifully or to also pack in solid dense color. Depending on the piece I will use specific machines and tuning for each tattoo individually. The same technique applies to black and grey tattooing. While much more expensive and hard to obtain (due to recent popularity in the tattooing community), I find the benefits to greatly outweigh the disadvantages.



The first and one of the most widely used inks I use for color work is Eternal Ink. They are known for long lasting, bright colors. They are easily blended with other tones together to create a whole array or different tones, and shades. While they can also be mixed with a slight amount of water to be “thinned out”, to create a softer more watercolor like affect. A very versatile color line.

The second line that I use for color work is Intenze Ink. Founded and distributed in the United States, this ink is one of the best lines to use, like Eternal Ink for the same reasons as I listed for the Eternal Ink line.

Black and Gray

Silverback is the only line of black and gray ink that I will use. They offer the blackest black that I have ever used, and it stays very black for years, while others I have tried have obtained the “gray, blue, or green look” to them after an extended period of time. They also offer the best black and gray shading inks on the market. They are extremely “workable”, in that they are blended together perfectly when used, and also not require causing much trauma to the skin while trying to use it. It goes in very smoothly without much effort. This also lends a hand when pairing with the speed of the machines that I use. Black and grey tattoos are done with ease and speed.

If you have any additional questions about my equipment please send me an email, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.