About Me

My name is Justin Zaun, I was born December, 19, 1984. Growing up I was always interested in art, I was continually sketching. As a grew older (9-12), I was always drawing and sketching still life; a pop bottle sitting on a box, a fence post, shoes, pretty much anything i could try to sketch out. I had always excelled at art through middle school and then into high school. In high school art classes was when I really started to explore different areas of art like pastels, charcoal, acrylic and oil paint ect… After high school I kind of strayed away from art for a while only involving my self in small sketches and sometimes painting. While I was in college I ran into another tattooist who offered to show me a few things about the trade because it had intrigued my artistic side again. After taking some tips and tattooing a lot of fruit and fake skin, I begun fixing up smaller tattoos, and then progressing into doing original pieces of my own.

After a few months my clientle had begun to build up and I rented a space locally to set up shop. That was nearly 6 years ago now, after a couple venue changes and many upgrades in equipment I am where I am at today. I completely love my job, and I truly enjoy people. I have always tried to keep up with the newest technologies and ink/ supplies involved with tattooing (see Equipment section for details). 

I personally believe in doing 1 on 1 consultations with clients. And spending a little time together to make sure that we are on the same page with how their tattoo will go, and what specific style to approach for designing the art.  I do not have any flash or art to choose from at my shop. I personally draw each one up individually after the consultation has been completed (there are some exceptions to this process, see Scheduling section for specifics). I also do not tattoo one specific style. Over the years I have had to learn how to tattoo many different ways: realistic, new school, old school, abstract, impressionism, art nouveau, and many other examples of art styles. I enjoy doing specific styles tailored to each client. 

Thank you for reading through everything here, I hope to be hearing from you soon. Be sure to read through the other sections of my website for scheduling, contact, and equipment.